5 Reasons why we recommend BigCommerce – flexible SaaS eCommerce solution

5 Reasons why we recommend BigCommerce – flexible SaaS eCommerce solution

It’s a cost-effective eCommerce platform that helps retailers boost sales but at a fraction of the cost of in-house alternatives.

The key priorities customers tell us they need from the platform running an online store are the highest possible uptime, cost-effective operation and easy integration of the latest eCommerce features that will push sales up on desktop and mobile.

That is why we recommend BigCommerce to clients, but it’s not just because of its 99.99% uptime and plug and play approach to easily installing new feature. What really appeals to customers is the double-digit percentage boost to conversion rates and 28% annual growth the platform can provide for a quarter of the price of an in-house solution.


What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a full-feature eCommerce platform that lets retailers concentrate on increasing sales with all the tech integration, updating and security handled for them. It’s like getting a fully-functional, customisable shop in a box that is run on the cloud, so it’s four to six times cheaper than running an in-house, on-premises solution.

It’s provided on a Software As A Service (SaaS) basis, so retailers never have to worry about updating or integration. Every time they want to add or change a feature, the hard tech work has already been done behind the scenes. It means retailers can typically expect to launch a store in half the time it would normally take and, when up and running, the platform’s features have been known to double sales.


5 Reasons you should choose BigCommerce

1-BigCommerce personalised shopping

Retailers can set up their store just how they want it and then test it out as if the changes were running on a live store.

The system uses machine learning to understand what people are searching for to aid store owners to put the most relevant content in front of people to offer a personalised service.

2-BigCommerce search features

Stores get a huge helping hand in getting noticed on SEO by BigCommerce offering the architecture and navigation, as well as meta tags, to get a site ranked highly in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It allows older pages to be redirected to a new name, without losing any search equity.

Crucially, for mobile shoppers, the system supports AMP so pages are fast to upload on mobile devices, meaning sites perform well in search.

On-site search offers an Amazon-style service through which customers can look for products based on a wide variety of terms and then further refine results including the product description, colour, size and price.

3-BigCommerce email integration and seamless shipping

The platform supports more than 30 email marketing providers to ensure you can carry on building up lists to keep customers coming back for more and update them on orders.

The platform also supports more than 50 shipping partners to ensure ordering and delivery run seamlessly.

4-BigCommerce and omnichannel selling

Now the household names in social are supporting social commerce, the channel is forecast to grow globally by $2,051bn between 2020 to 2024 through a CAGR of 31%. To tap into this booming new source of sales, BigCommerce seamlessly integrates with popular social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It also empowers retailers to sell through Amazon and eBay.

5-BigCommerce and secure payment

More than 30 payment types are supported so a retailer need never lose another sale by not offering the right option. In addition to secure card payments, as one would expect, there is a full range of digital wallets, such as G Pay and Apple Pay, as well as flexible offerings, including Klarna. Extra security is provided by a choice of fourteen fraud and lending partners.

With nearly two in three carts abandoned before they check out, BigCommerce also allows retailers to email shoppers to continue their purchase. The abandoned cart saver feature will typically win back 15% of the revenue left behind by shoppers who have not checked out.

The feature is part of a suite of services that allows retailers to offer shoppers coupons as well as apply discounts on specific lines or when criteria, such as a basket size.


BigCommerce vs the alternatives

It is not the only platform available but it is certainly one that is going places, designed to help retailers focus on growth. That is how researchers at Forrester sum it up, referring to it as a “strong performer” which is a “best fit for companies that value streamlined operations” in B2C. For B2B retailers, the researchers call it a “strong performer” for those looking to open up new markets through sub-brands or who are interested in “simplify their tech portfolio.”

At Gartner, BigCommerce has been named a “challenger” with special praise for its ability to onboard customers at scale and its “ability to handle increased complexity.

IDC researchers have praised the platform as a “leader” in B2C and a “major player” in B2B commerce for “a platform that is very business user friendly.”

In terms of cost, we estimate BigCommerce costs about a quarter of an in-house alternative, such as Magneto. Find out more about BigCommerce vs Magento.


Big Commerce success

As a BigCommerce Elite Partner, Greenlight Commerce is well placed to see the benefits of the platform.

It is perfectly suited to retailers who want to ditch the cost and integration complications of running on-premise systems so they can concentrate on using its flexible features to boost sales.

One Greenlight Commerce customer, Raja Workplace, recently saw a 61% increase in online transactions through adopting the platform.

Contact us to find out how the BigCommerce platform can be used to take your eCommerce operations to the next level.


Greenlight Commerce remote working

If you are concerned that any future Covid-19 restrictions could delay your eCommerce project, rest assured that we have been fully set up to work remotely for many years now. We can remotely consult, demo, scope, setup, onboard, host, train, support and continue to partner with you. All of our systems are cloud-based so our clients can check progress, reporting and even access ‘show and tell sessions’ during a build, at any time and from any device.

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