Simple and Secure Online Payment Engine Integration with new Worldline Plugins

Simple and Secure Online Payment Engine Integration with new Worldline Plugins

We recently worked with Worldline, the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, to develop plugins for its payment engine. These plugins will be used by SMEs to quickly connect to their Salesforce Commerce Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud platforms.

This partnership was built on a previous working relationship with Worldline, which saw us develop a plugin for them for SAP Hybris. Following the success of that project and with new requirements to extend the accessibility of their payment plugins to more SME merchants, Worldline naturally asked us to develop new APIs for new technology.

The new plugins will now provide merchants with an integration solution that takes care of all the complications associated with online payments. Sharan Shah, the product manager and project lead at Worldline, explained that each plugin needed to be “…secure, transparent, and above all – one size fits most, which is not easy to achieve for platforms like Salesforce and SAP.”

The high level of expertise we’ve built up through the integration of numerous eCommerce businesses with these two platforms, enabled us to drive the development and testing of these plugins forward quickly – and meet Worldline’s specifications, while also adhering to SAP and Salesforce’s external API standards.


Why are payment engines needed for digital commerce?

SMEs across the world rely on cloud-based commerce technology to manage their sales. Platforms like SAP and Salesforce run the behind-the-scenes operations of thousands of B2B businesses, retailers, and direct-to-consumer brands from a wide range of sectors.

SAP is widely used across retail, finance, wholesale, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods, while Salesforce is known for its strong foothold in the fashion industry. Both offer Cloud Commerce products that help smaller businesses to trade internationally.

Whether SMEs are selling online or in-person, these systems need to connect with a payment engine to enable transactions to take place. However, it can be a major challenge for merchants and retailers deploying their online business with SAP or Salesforce, to integrate their payment engine quickly, easily and securely.


Plug and play Payment API now ready for online merchants to use

With the new plugins, developed and tested by Greenlight Commerce, Worldline’s customers are now able to immediately use payment methods including PayPal, eWallet, Credit/Debit Cards, Direct Debit iDEAL, Cpay, Illicado, ApplePay, Bancontact and branded gift cards. They can also add additional payment methods without requiring further technical development.

Worldline estimates that this new plugin has saved them approximately 500 hours of development time. Sharan Shah explained how delighted he was with both the plugin and the support Worldline received throughout the project – which took just twelve weeks, and five development sprints to deliver.

“What I loved most about this project was how knowledgeable the Greenlight team was. I knew they had expertise in SAP and Salesforce, but I was really impressed with how well they understood payments. We now have clients integrating the plugin, and they are all very happy!”


Worldline’s SME merchants can now fully focus on sales

The plugin is now managing a whole host of complications on behalf of merchants. Beyond the obvious security and data privacy implications, this includes several unique complexities involved in payments. For example, if a transaction is abandoned mid-way, it is important that the integration doesn’t leave inventory tied up indefinitely if the internet browser is left open.

These types of events can create a huge challenge for SMEs. But the availability of a ready to use payment API is saving merchants using SAP or Salesforce the hassle of having to manage these complexities. This is allowing Worldline’s SME customers to fully focus on generating online sales.


Payment engine integrations – simple, secure and reliable

Worldline, the world’s fourth-largest payments engine provider, is the payments and transactional services technology partner of choice for merchants, banks, and third-party acquirers in all sectors. Worldline provides its clients with sustainable, trusted and secure solutions across the payment value chain, fostering their business growth wherever they are. If you’re looking for a simple and secure way to manage checkouts and payments on your SAP Commerce Cloud or Salesforce Commerce Cloud digital retail platform, you can now choose these newly developed Worldline plugins to run reliable payment and transactions, so you can focus on maximising conversion and growing your sales.



Check out the API development story here. If you require technical expertise in helping you with integration or development solutions on SAP Commerce Cloud or Salesforce Commerce Cloud, get in touch to find out how Greenlight Commerce can help.

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