Ecommerce Platform Solutions

Build or buy? We believe that the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Businesses in today’s retail environment need a platform that gives them the features expected of current commerce solutions, but also has a roadmap to continue developing market-leading features that match the future trends of the industry – without large investments for what should be seen as evolving features of the future.

Brands should look to leverage these commerce platforms and then invest to build unique experiences or service offerings that give them an edge in the marketplace. You don’t have to invent the wheel – it’s already been invented, enabling you to hit the ground running and avoid the headaches often involved with re-platforming.

Leading platforms & technologies

We have shortlisted so you don’t have to!

Our team has spent many thousands of days delivering digital commerce solutions across many different platforms and technologies. Some of which were home-grown built from scratch and others using software vendor packages from the largest, well-known technology providers. What we have learned from this is not to be a generalist. Rather we focus on being experts in our chosen platforms to ensure the right level of experience, expertise and quality is delivered to our customers.

We believe our chosen platforms offer the best options for retailers who are serious about revenue growth and digital experience offerings and cover the range of commercial and technical options you need now and may need in the future.

Accredited Trusted Partner

Recognised experts in the delivery and support of our partner solutions.

We are seen as credible, trusted experts in the delivery and support or our vendor partner solutions and we focus on ensuring we achieve the highest level of certification through training and experience gained.

We work closely with our solution partners to give confidence to our customers at the start of any engagement and continue to work together to deliver success beyond the initial commerce site launch.


Sap Commerce Cloud

For businesses that are serious about revenue growth and digital experience offering, SAP Commerce Cloud offers an enterprise grade, multi-vertical solution framework. Greenlight is a certified SAP Commerce Cloud Partner – find out why we recommend SAP Commerce Cloud.


For businesses looking for flexible and scalable technology as their business grows, BigCommerce is an open Software-as-a-Service eCommerce that enables businesses to stay agile and grow. Greenlight Commerce is an Elite Partner – find out why we recommend BigCommerce tech.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Greenlight Commerce is a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services – Solutions Partner with a wealth of experience of delivering projects and integrations on this world-class platform. Learn why we recommend the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform.


We’ve tried and tested the most innovative technologies on the market and selected the very best to drive revenue growth. We’ve then pre-integrated them into the SAP Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud platforms, ensuring a fast and pain-free implementation.