Project requirement support to maximise ROI.

We can support your business in gathering and generating specific requirements for your multi-channel and omni-channel commerce projects. With our insight and years of experience, we can gather requirements and design solutions in a way that adds value, so you can maximise your return on investment.

what we offer

Relevant focus

Focusing on the correct requirements with the right people is key to ensuring the correct end product but we can also ensure the solution is relevant to the commerce platform being considered or chosen.

Solution creation

Our process delivers the requirements via a full solution description. As our consultants are experts in our commerce platforms, we deliver functional specifications that are relevant to the context of the technical landscape.


Our approach and experienced team involved throughout the process ensure the correct level of high-quality from start to finish. Our internal governance process and “page turning” review workshops guarantee the quality of the deliverables meet your requirements.

Our insight and expertise comes from actually delivering projects on these platforms rather than just using them or selecting them as part of an evaluation. Because of this we truly know the best approaches to what platform to use, what feature to use and when to use it.

Speed of delivery

Our assets and process have been designed to ensure the full requirements gathering process is as efficient as possible, by compressing or running multiple streams in parallel where appropriate. Using tried and tested methods means we know the best and quickest way to get your platform live with minimum business interruption.

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