Giving eCommerce the green light

Working with some of today’s leading retail and B2B organisations, we get to see all the forces at play when a business starts the process of upgrading its eCommerce capabilities. And with experience of delivering over 35 enterprise retail eCommerce solutions, we’ve seen a lot of common issues – and found a lot of common solutions.

As a result, we now have a focused approach that can deliver real results for our clients. Whether you’re a business like Furniture Village, Liberty London or Siemens, you’ll benefit from all of that experience.

We call our tried and trusted approach The Greenlight Code.

The Greenlight Code brings together our business and technical expertise with a focus on growth and success. It’s born out of our focus on measurement – something we know is a key factor in whether your project succeeds or fails.

And our approach matters. 68% of retail eCommerce projects in 2018 failed, while 71% of retailers failed to measure the return on investment of their project.

The Greenlight Code

We follow The Greenlight Code to make sure we maximise results and minimise risk on your project. It’s a framework that enables us to be brave, yet safe in the knowledge we can deliver the results you need.

Take the time to honestly understand what you want to achieve.

Consider what you want the outcome to be.

Create what you need, not what you want. Don’t hide behind jargon.

Bring together the relevant people, data and technology.

Ask the difficult questions. Don’t take assumptions at face value.

It’s usually the difference between project success and failure.

Agree then measure what matters. It shows where real value is added.

We are. We need you to be too.

Be brave. Go when it’s good enough – don’t wait until it’s perfect.

Make sure you have achieved what you needed. And that it’s making a difference.

Even after project launch. We stay the distance to support.

The Cost of Missing Metrics

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