End-to-end project assurance through full-service support.

Delivering a comprehensive eCommerce implementation requires a focused approach. The collective experience of our team means we can deliver solutions across different sectors (retail, B2B, luxury, finance, telco, travel), allowing us to create the right level of end-to-end quality assurance for your project. Whether it‘s functional testing, system and integration testing or user acceptance testing, we have a service to support you.

what we offer

Scope of Evalution

There are many different factors that’ll dictate what the best approach, process and coverage is for your project. We can help define what this is based on requirements, platform, internal architecture and experience of what can go wrong. Knowledge and experience acquired through the many thousands of hours we have spent quality assuring commerce websites.


We have delivered many quality assurance phases of our projects and have a proven set of methodologies to cater to every environment and challenge when it comes to test execution. We also have the tooling in place to support planning and execution across the development and project life-cycle.


From the artifacts available and our knowledge of the key commerce platforms, we can build relevant test scenarios that can be executed by the business, or by our own QA team.  Knowing what to test is the first step; identifying and aligning all the relevant parties, scheduling iteration streams and ensuring all the relevant pre-requisites are in place to ensure efficient execution, are all areas that we have expertise in. This experience ensures that projects that are typically at high risk of failure are delivered on time, in budget and of high quality.


Our team of QA Leads and QA Engineers can execute plans and test the system, starting at a focused-feature level, all the way to full end-to-end regression testing and anything in between. This includes negative testing and load-testing. Our experience allows for efficient test execution by ensuring all relevant issues found are logged appropriately with full description, re-creation steps and relevant input/output data and browser information. We also leverage automation where appropriate to reduce future execution steps.

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