Greenlight Commerce project wins two industry awards

Greenlight Commerce project wins two industry awards

Back in March, we received three nominations for two of our eCommerce projects, powered by SAP Commerce Cloud technology.

We are so pleased that our project for Milk & More won not just one, but two awards recognition!

The judges recognised the critical role our client played as a lifeline to many thousands during the pandemic crisis and lockdown 1. A surge in demand for their service has not downgraded their usual excellent customer service. In fact, with the power of collaboration between Milk & More and Greenlight Commerce plus harnessing the technology of SAP Commerce Cloud, they were able to offer consistent service to both their regular and new customers.


Technology Project of the Year


Covid Innovation Award



Judges’ comments:

“Another great success story of very quickly turning around a technology implementation with a real purpose that was a true lifeline for many thousands of people shielding and during lockdown,” said one judge.

“I like the digital transformation at pace and scale here driven by need,” said another judge.

“In a way this is a traditional approach reshaped to respond to need, and boy has it,” they said. “At every level Greenlight has worked with Milk & More and managed the scaling up of the operation in a very short time, from the systems to the delivery, and with the customer always at the heart of the process. The results speak for themselves.”

“A massive undertaking at a time of real pressure, one can only wonder at the stresses on Greenlight and Milk & More, but they came through, delivering when it was really needed and proving that a partnership can be a strong force for good,” said one judge. “Clearly the teams appreciated and worked well together, and the results from the many supportive and thankful customer responses demonstrate the project’s overwhelming success.”

“After facing a challenging and transformative year, Greenlight Commerce and Milk & More overcame fierce competition to take home two awards for their e-commerce technology solution.” Retail Systems Editorial

You can find out more about the Milk & More project here.





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