SAP Hybris Commerce Release 6.7 – what’s new

SAP Hybris Commerce Release 6.7 – what’s new

SAP recently launched Release 6.7 for SAP Hybris Commerce. Centred around ‘creating great customer experiences and boosting revenue’, we asked our Lead SAP Hybris Architect, James Johnstone, to summarise the key changes in the latest release.

“SAP Hybris Commerce 6.7 brings enhancements to the already powerful Adaptive Search and Personalisation functionality, giving businesses even more potent searchandising tools to tailor and control the way in which product content is delivered to customers. For customers, this means getting more relevant search results and seeing site content, which is better suited to themselves as individuals.

The release serves to further SAP Hybris Commerce’s place within the SAP domain, with deeper integrations into other SAP products. This includes SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud. This will reduce the cost and time required to take advantage of the features these products offer.

There are also enhancements to the back-office tooling, which is ever-evolving, as well as the new Commerce content management system (CMS) REST APIs. These further enable headless implementations where SAP Hybris Commerce serves as a ‘commerce engine’ rather than a full blown CMS.

While it’s only a minor release, SAP continues to further enhance the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite in ways that improve the experience across the board for both the retailer and the customer.”

To find out more, watch the overview of the release by Charles Barton – Senior Product Manager for SAP Hybris.

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