Quick Win Services for Accelerated eCommerce Revenue Growth – Five services in 5 minutes. 

Quick Win Services for Accelerated eCommerce Revenue Growth – Five services in 5 minutes. 

Helping identify opportunities for revenue growth is what we do. There are a number of services that we believe can make a very large positive impact on revenues for most eCommerce sites – no matter what platform is underpinning the commerce experience. These services can be added with relative ease and will allow retailers to capitalise on their revenue growth they would aspire to but cannot reach due to platform or commercial constraints. In some cases they were not even aware of the revenue opportunity at all.



Global-e offers an easy and efficient way for breaking into new international markets by removing the two main barriers to entry for most retailers: offering local payments and having to build delivery and fulfilment relationships with these countries. The Global-e platform provides the ability for a retailer to provide country specific pricing, payments and delivery methods using a single language and currency site. When a customer visits a retailer site from a non-domestic location it will dynamically translate the pricing to that local currency. During checkout Global-e will then take over the payment process for non-domestic purchases and will offer the local payments for that market. It can then offer discounted international delivery rates based on its network of shipping providers so all the retailer needs to do it deliver the package domestically to a local Global-e distribution hub and they get it to its final destination.



Klarna is building a presence in the UK delivering the Nordic and German payment approach of cash on delivery. Retailers who use the Klana service can offer a simple journey for checkout where no payments details are actually required for an order to be placed. When a customer begins a checkout they provide their contact details and an email address. Based on some risk analysis Klarna can then take responsibility for payment from the retailer by allowing the customer to pay within 14 days. The retailer will be shipping the goods risk free and the customer can wait for the goods to arrive before deciding if they want them or if they wish to return them. When the customer decides they wish to pay for the goods they are offered an option to spread the payments with Klarna over a term rather than all up front.



Shult’s purchase by eBay has meant that its logistics offering in the UK is significant and it is providing many flexible and alternative delivery options for customers. Its initial, and still unique, selling point is the ability to offer same day delivery for customers who wish to have their products sent within hours of purchasing them online. Shutl provides the intermediary services to local couriers who can pickup available stock from a retailer’s locations in close proximity to the delivery address and use suitable vehicles for the dispatch, or even in some locations “walkers” who will take public transport to pick-up stock, and deliver in major urban areas. Offering this service is seen by Shutl as a merchandising opportunity and providing visual indiciators on listing and product details pages showing that products can be delivered within hours is a very powerful tool for increasing order levels and revenue.



Ometeria has been named in Wired Magazine’s “Europe Hottest Startups 2014”. It provides not only commerce focused analytics but actual customer and products insights. These are displayed in a very pretty and intuitive interface to allow retailers to understand what customers are doing and the ways they are buying. Specific focus can then be applied to prioritise marketing and merchandising activities to grow sales and revenue for their online business, maximising the time and money spent. All of the data is in real-time and where possible a 360-degree view of the customer behaviour and their channel interactions are shown along with data to help retailers with conversion rate optimisation including detailed drop-out funnels.



Bronto provides the ability for retailers to create commerce focused email campaigns to their customers. While there are other email marketing campaign services available Bronto has specifically focused on commerce and campaigns related to direct up-sell and conversion effect rather the general email brand awareness campaigns. A very smart and intuitive interface provides retailers the customer and commerce data that can be used to drag and drop visual campaign trails and actions to send more personalised emails, which relate to purchases or near-purchases over time. There are many listeners provided in the Bronto AppCentre platform that include social media event triggers, with Salesforce integration personalisation services to provide a consistent and cohesive campaign that is focused on increasing revenue.

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