Multichannel Growth eBook: Part 4 – Business Operating Model

Multichannel Growth eBook: Part 4 – Business Operating Model


In our first three chapters we have examined how to expand customers, products and services and channels to deliver greater growth for your business. However, if the business operating model isn’t enabled or flexed to adapt to changes or growth initiatives within your business then all attempt to grow will fall flat.

In this chapter we look at how best to structure your business, the sorts of KPIs you need to put in place and other tips for getting the business operating model right.

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Top takeaways from chapter four:

  • Consider the business operating model (BOM) — and how it fits – in everything you do.
  • Ensure the BOM flexes and adapts to market and business changes.
  • Ensure the BOM supports your growth aims rather than hinders them.
  • Set clear KPIs that take into account the challenges of channels.
  • Incentivise in harmony with your growth aims rather than to their detriment.
  • Prepare for both the expected and the unexpected.

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