Multichannel Growth eBook: Part 1 – Customer Growth

Multichannel Growth eBook: Part 1 – Customer Growth

eBook-front-cover-outlinedGreenlight Commerce has teamed up with Internet Retailing to create a six-part eBook focusing on six key strategies to deliver growth for your retail business.

Produced in conversation with Kevin Murray, MD of Greenlight Commerce, Chapter One explores why customer growth isn’t just about building numbers but ensuring that follows through to engagement and conversion too, looking at how and why you, as retailers, should exploit your strengths to win new fans and make your customers do the hard work for you.

It’s a natural assumption that more customers will equate to growth for your business – and largely, of course, it’s true. But enabling true customer growth is about much more than simply increasing footfall through your door or adding names to your database. Instead it’s about turning those visitors – whether to the site or instore – into people that will actually purchase from you and then keeping them long term – enabling you to truly grow your customer base rather than simply replace those
that bought from you once and then never again.

Download Chapter One ‘Customer Growth’

Here are the top takeaways for growing customers:

• Don’t go after every potential customer – focus on the ones most relevant to you.
• Decide on and exploit your unique selling point – guided by a clear understanding of exactly who your customer should be.
• Provide an experience and engagement relevant to your customers’ lifestyle.
• Personalise your customer experience and messaging to those customers most likely to convert.
• Embrace social, since the voice of your customer is far more powerful than your own.
• Make your customers do the hard work for you by doing everything you can to turn them into brand evangelists.

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