Microservices by moltin

Developed for innovators, moltin is the smarter way to build commerce applications. A microservices backend means its APIs deliver the building blocks needed to create the next generation of commerce.

With all the features you’d expect in a commerce platform, moltin solves the headaches of development with other legacy systems by taking the entire process into the cloud. It provides a powerful set of unified APIs that take care of infrastructure, storage and security so that stores can focus on creating seamless, cross-platform shopping experiences using whatever language, design, 3rd party integrations or features you choose.

Why moltin

These are just a few of the reasons why we recommend motlin, but it has to be right for our customer and their business. Contact us to discuss what is right for you.


No longer restricted or tied into expensive technology choices, design, templates or legacy systems.


Run moltin in parallel with your current platforms to extend your commerce capabilities.


Provides a seamless, personalised, consistent experience for customers, across every channel.


Cloud based, robust microservices architecture for enterprise-level traffic throughput.


Microservices architecture means you can use one or more services to create any commerce experience.

Fast. Agile. Cost effective

Build what you want, when you want, in days and only pay for what you use.


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Whereas the all-in-one suite once dominated the space, headless commerce (also referred to as micro-services) is emerging as the latest way to purchase commerce capabilities with retailers moving towards cloud-based, service-oriented architectures that implement commerce solutions in a more modern and modular fashion.

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Featured Project

Maison de Fleurs, a B2B luxury events florist, approached Greenlight in June 2017 to help it expand its digital offering into the B2C market. Key to the success of the project, was quickly delivering an engaging and visually attractive ecommerce site without compromising the on the brand and luxury experience. The solution? Microservices!

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Our methodology

Based on what we call the 4 ‘D’s: Discover, Design, Delivery, Deploy – our approach takes the best of current modern software creation and delivery practices to allow for a coherent, low risk and highly innovative strategy for delivering eCommerce projects on-time and on-budget.

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