Worldline Online Payment new APIs | SAP Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Worldline Online Payment new APIs | SAP Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Delivering Worldline’s online payment engine plugin for SAP and Salesforce SMEs

Worldline is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry and the fourth largest player worldwide. The technology partner of choice for merchants, banks and third-party acquirers, it supports businesses across a variety of sectors.

To make it easy for its customers to integrate Worldline’s payment engine with the SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Headless Storefront (Spartacus) and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the company wanted to develop a plug and play solution – that would allow merchants to take payments and manage refunds.

While Worldline already had an integration solution for SAP (also developed by Greenlight Commerce), Worldline wanted to connect their new Direct APIs which deliver an improved user experience. Worldline believed that this new interface would be crucial to attracting new eCommerce merchants who were using SAP’s ERP system across multiple countries.

The integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud would also enable Worldline to attract a raft of potential clients – in particular, those operating in the fashion sector, where Salesforce has a strong customer base.

Customer Requirements

“The plugin would need to be secure, transparent, and above all – one size fits most, which is not easy to achieve for platforms like Salesforce and SAP. But it’s crucial that the external plugin does the job and yet remains invisible. We also wanted an integration that would, for example, be able to clean up unpaid orders and clear inventory – as you don’t want an open payment session blocking inventory for an hour.” – Sharan Shah, Product Manager, Worldline Global

Technical Goals

  • Develop plugins for both the SAP Commerce Cloud and the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platforms to allow merchants to integrate Worldline’s Direct APIs more rapidly and to easily adopt Worldline as their eCommerce payment gateway.
  • Provide support for Spartacus by building additional RESTful APIs in SAP Commerce to facilitate payment and include an additional package to extend the Spartacus checkout flow to support Ingenico’s payment methods.
  • Ensure faster implementation of the payment mechanism (from weeks to days) for merchants and their system integrators.
  • Provide an extension that follows strong software engineering principles.
  • Certified plugins for SAP CC versions 2011.3 and 2005.8 and SFCC versions 21.2 and 19.10 and SFRA 5.3.0 release, as well as upgrading to support later versions over time.


  • Implementation and support cost savings, with reduced supplier management overheads/complexity.
  • Lower development costs for a fully working, risk-free payment solution.
  • PCI compliance scope for merchants reduced to the lowest level – SAQ-A.
  • Ships with PayPal, eWallet, Credit/Debit Cards, Direct Debit (NL, DE and AT), iDEAL, Cpay, Illicado, ApplePay, Bancontact and OneyBranded Gift Cards.
  • Additional payment methods (not listed above) can now be added without requiring further development.
  • Mobile apps or other channels can be integrated using the newly built RESTful APIs in SAP Commerce to drive payments from other systems.
  • The plugin has differentiated Worldline’s portfolio in the market and could lead to greater utilisation of the newly built plugins.

Delivery Outcome

  • Saved Worldline around 500 hours of development and testing time
  • Carried out in 5 development sprints, over a 12-week period


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Saved 500 hours of development work for Worldline