Maison de Fleurs | Microservices implementation

Maison de Fleurs | Microservices implementation


Delivering a creative-driven commerce experience using microservices

Maison de Fleurs, established in 2002, is a luxury events florist that focuses on supreme client expertise as well as producing bespoke floral masterpieces. Historically the business was known for delivering services to other businesses, however the boutique florist wanted to move into lifestyle and B2C work – a fiercely competitive market.

They approached Greenlight in June 2017 to help expand their digital offering to customers, with a focus on content and lifestyle engagement.


  • Deliver an engaging and visually attractive ecommerce site in time for the industry’s peak trading period from September, without compromising on the brand and luxury experience for their customers.
  • Ensure the site is user-friendly, accessible to their audience, optimised for SEO and would allow for the easy execution of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Identify the Maison de Fleurs customer.
  • Create tone of voice and brand guidelines for consistency of brand messaging and future marketing strategies.
  • Create and support a digital engagement roadmap over 24 months that will deliver business growth.

The Strategy

Maison de Fleurs were already using Drupal, an open source web content management platform. They wanted to retain this platform, with minimal disruption through the build process. So, on top of that system, we developed a microservices ecommerce solution using moltin – a totally customisable, API-first eCommerce platform.

This allowed Greenlight to quickly deliver a highly aesthetic experience that we call “Creative-driven Commerce” where the experience is the focus of the journey and is not restricted by the constraints of out-of-the-box transactional templates.

We used our Data Management Platform (DMP) to better understand the Maison de Fleurs audience. The DMP works by gathering first party site visitor data, and overlaying it with third party data. Our experts then analyse this data to give us deep insights into our clients’ customers. We use these insights to create work that speaks clearly to the people we need to reach.

Project Details

  • Digital strategy
  • Microservices solution
  • Technical delivery and system integration
  • Data & audience insights
  • 24 month digital engagement roadmap
  • Platform: Moltin


Fast deployment

Delivery of a fully responsive eCommerce site within three months


Built to enable quick product expansion as the business grows


Highly targeted content that speaks beautifully to the customer