Siemens | SAP Hybris Commerce

Siemens | SAP Hybris Commerce


Providing a rapid Proof of Concept on SAP Hybris Commerce

Siemens UK is a global powerhouse for electrification, automation and digitalisation and in the UK alone generated £6 billion of revenue in the 2017 fiscal year. The company has 15,000 employees.

Greenlight Commerce was engaged by the Siemens Power and Gas Division to provide a rapid Proof of Concept (POC) on SAP Hybris Commerce. The purpose of this was to help build a business case for using the platform to improve the servicing and maintenance of industrial turbines worldwide. This was with a view to adopting the technology elsewhere in the division and beyond in the wider Siemens business.

Objectives & Strategy

The main focus was to improve self-service capability from both a customer experience and operational cost perspective.

There was no way for an existing customer who has a turbine to know what service types or parts were relevant for their machines. Also when they completed a request for a service and parts, an engineer had to validate this manually before the order was processed.

Siemens wanted to investigate a digital journey where data from a client’s turbomachine could be surfaced on an account page and they could be directed to the correct products and services related to them. This would reduce the chance of incorrect parts being ordered and also less overhead of reviewing orders before they were placed. They also identified opportunities to upsell and cross sell service packs and parts packs in the journey.

What we did

We focused on the rapid deployment of some key functionality to allow Siemens to demonstrate the POC at an upcoming meeting of key senior stakeholders.

Greenlight and the Siemens project team decided to prioritise the following functionality:

  • Representation of the two core user journeys for both a customer and Siemens Regional Manager
  • Products, Engine data and Service Kit would be modelled into SAP Hybris with appropriate sample data loaded
  • User Interface would be created including the header, navigation, customer dashboard, engine selection pages, product listings and basket
  • Custom facet navigation strategy developed and implemented
  • User model and authentication implementation
  • Customisation of the basket creation and simulation of order placement


The demo solution was designed and developed within five weeks and alongside the custom requirements came with all the feature-rich, backend functionality of the SAP Hybris B2B Accelerator.

Importantly the POC was not designed to be a “throwaway” piece of work and everything implemented can be built upon and further developed into a Production Ready solution.

Project Details

  • Project timeline: 6 weeks
  • Platform: SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Services: Consultancy, Solution Design, UI Design, Technical


Deadline met

The POC was completed by the deadline and in time for the solution to be demonstrated by Siemens stakeholders to the wider business.

Buy-in secured

The work undertaken by Greenlight has enabled Siemens to secure the buy-in needed to begin the process of rolling out SAP Hybris Commerce as a long-term and strategic solution.

Further consultation

Greenlight has provided additional consulting to Siemens to support the further definition of the wider requirements.