Pret A Manger | Platform consultancy & design

Pret A Manger | Platform consultancy & design


How Greenlight advised Pret A Manger’s shop delivery platform on “owning the lunch market”

Pret A Manger is a “ready to eat” outlet and coffee specialist. Their shops prepare natural and freshly made food in their 350 Prets spanning the UK, USA, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The company wished to reinvigorate and expand their delivery platform in order to “bring lunch to the people”. Their existing platform did not give them the flexibility to evolve their existing offering, mainly focused at office meeting catering, into areas such as lunch clubs and opportunities for employers to offer lunch choices to employees as a benefit. Doing this would also have the advantage of centralising control of their global digital platform for marketing and merchandising to support this initiative.

Objectives & Strategy

  • Design a central platform to support international territories for content, product offerings and currency
  • Create the process flow to cater for fresh food ordering and fulfilment taking a Business-to-Business approach
  • Deliver a strategy on how the customer journey and interfaces would work based on different food and drink offerings at different times of the day in different territories
  • Build the rules related to pre-ordering and collect in store
  • Provide guidance and best practices of launching a web presence in China
  • Suggest the high-level architecture of the entire solution including the internal system interfaces
  • Publish a full Functional Specification of the entire customer journey and the relevant order process flows and system touch-points

Unique Solution

Greenlight conducted an in-depth consulting programme, including reviewing the existing technical landscape of the Pret A Manger delivery platform. Over 15 workshops were conducted with the client, in order to ensure that we understood the business and delivered a solution specification that met the best return on investment. Greenlight worked with various stakeholders of the business to provide a solution design that worked for the marketing, delivery and IT departments.

Project Details

  • eCommerce consultancy for International
  • Order process evaluation & documentation
  • Functional Specification
  • High-level architecture and solution integration


Delivered System Design

Delivered high quality system design

Increased efficiencies

Provided increased efficiencies in business operations & complexity

Business risk reduced

Business risk on approach decreased