Qubit | Platform cartridge

Qubit | Platform cartridge


How Greenlight enabled accelerated deployment of Qubit’s solution on hybris

Qubit’s technology provides a feature rich marketing-centric solution that offers analytics, A/B testing and conversion optimisation. Their technology products and consulting services enable their customers to decipher, discover and deliver the customer experience.

They required the ability to allow customers who were using the hybris platform and their technology partners to implement the Qubit tagging solution across their site in a way that minimised any technical implementation or knowledge of their tagging API. An approach was also required to allow partners new to the hybris platform to install and enable the tagging with just the basic level of training. Qubit also wanted to ensure that any approach taken would work for some of the older versions of the platform as well as the latest architecture.

Objectives & Strategy

  • Deliver a pre-built integration to the hybris B2C Accelerators across all key customer journeys
  • Support releases of hybris built in the previous 3 years of versions, as well as the architecture of the next release, version 5
  • Ensure solution can be easily extended to support any future changes in the Qubit API while allowing for different use cases of API usage by customers and partners
  • Provide Maplin Electronic’s customers with a flexible set of store fulfillment options when checking out, including Reserve & Collect and Pay & Collect, but also providing same-day delivery slots
  • Provide training and instructions on how to install as a novice user of the platform

Unique solution

Greenlight delivered a “beginners guide” to the Qubit team and provided them an overview of the different pre-built sites delivered as part of the hybris platform. We also reviewed the Qubit API guides and delivered a set of recommendations of how the APIs should be used, based on those existing pre-built sites and derived a strategy on how these could be technically delivered providing backwards compatibility and the minimum knowledge of the hybris platform. This was implemented and verified by Qubit to ensure all functionality and tracking was working as expected. The solution was packaged as part of an optional module that could be included as part of the hybris platform assembly processes and delivered to Qubit to be used for their customers and partners.

Project Details

  • Platform education
  • Technical delivery and system integration
  • Project delivery and live support


Increased opportunity

Qubit is able to make more retailers aware of their service

Reduction of setup time

Pre-integration greatly reduced the time to enable service

Increased quality of tagging

Standardisation of the approach with Qubit heavily involved increases changes of quality enablement